Make US$800 A Week Texting (Chatting)


We’re talking about how to make 800 US dollars a week texting yes using SMS and it is alleged that you can make money texting from anywhere across the globe. But before you start firing out messages like it’s nobody’s business. I wanted to do some research to make sure that this is a legitimate hustle. Because we don’t want you getting carpal tunnel disease for absolutely nothing right.

So my research started with 20 websites that all claimed that you can make good money texting from anywhere across the globe.  And I was able to narrow it down to 10 that I know for a fact are legitimate and on the subject matter of search if you appreciate the research. If somebody had told me five years ago that I can make 800 US Dollars texting. I would say to them you take people feed yet translated.

You take me for a fool but look at me it’s so great to have you back thank you for your loyalty.

Let’s jump into these 10 websites that you can make up to 800 US dollars per week texting.

 The first website where you can make money texting is with

1. TextFactory

The TextFactory is a platform that connects businesses with text message marketing professionals and the platforms allows businesses to create and send text message campaigns to their customers now as you can see here on their website you can become a chat operator and earn on average 300 US dollars per week. But I’m going to show you how you can make eight hundred dollars so hold on the job as a text chat operator.  You will be answering casual messages on a fantasy based text Network and again. You can do this from anywhere across the globe.

What you need is to be fluent in English language be 18 years or older and you need a PC or a laptop or even a tablet does work with this particular website and obviously you need reliable internet connection. But guess what you need absolutely no experience and no qualifications to do this.

To get started just sign up on the website. Set up your profile browse for available jobs apply for the jobs, complete the jobs and then you’ll start making money to make 400 US dollars per week with TextingFactory.

You need to find jobs that pay at least 80 US dollars per day. Let’s say you find a job on texting Factory that pays a hundred dollars for a single SMS campaign and this of course is a marketing campaign. If you complete the job in one day you will earn a hundred US dollars for that day’s work. If you can find similar jobs that pay a hundred dollars for SMS marketing campaign and you do five of those jobs each week you’ll make about 500 US dollars in a week. So to make 800 US dollars per week you need to do eight jobs on texting Factory which translate to one job from Monday to Saturday and two jobs on a Sunday. That’s all and you can earn 800 US dollars in a week with texting Factory.

2.    Texkings

TexKings is the next website where you can make up to 800 US dollars per week from anywhere across the globe simply texting in Your Capacity. You will work as what’s referred to as a text chat operator and get paid per message that you send now to maximize your earnings on texkings.

And make that 800 US Dollars you need to always remember to be honest reliable and professional when you’re working with the clients building strong relationships is critical on this particular website. You definitely need to be open-minded so brace yourself for it not kinky but definitely open-minded because this is a company that hires adult chat operators to work from home and they pay a rate per message to their operators for sending SMS messages to their customers with text one to one chat. You’ll be required to work at least 10 hours per week. And they pay about seven cents per message that works out to be about 10 to 14 US dollars per hour and of course it depends on the type of message that you are sending in a 40 hour week. If you are committed, you can make 480 US Dollars.

3. Text121chat

You have to do to sign up is to visit text121 chat. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay to access the links and you can just click from there. And it will take you to the website where you can get started now with you as an operator working from home making 10 to 14 US dollars per hour a 40-hour week of work will pay you about 480 dollars. You will be required to pass a background check before you start working and this particular platform like many of the ones that. I’ve shared earlier they will pay you either via bank transfer PayPal or they’ll use a check to make your payments as an operator.

4. ChatRecruit

ChatRecruit is another website where you can earn money online texting but you can also earn money with this particular website.

Chatting and also webcaming with clients the great thing about chat recruits is that you set your actual rates and the site will take a commission of about 35 percent on average chat. Operators can earn about 2.50 and of course this is US dollars per message that they send. So if your objective is to make 800 US dollars per week. You need to send about eight messages per hour that’s 2 right think about when you’re idling and chatting with family and friends using whether SMS or WhatsApp messages you’re shooting off a lot more than eight messages per hour. Why not do it and make some good money while you’re at it. Now I’ve always known in my life that flirting yes would always come in handy at some point because this next website and listen. If you’re not into flirting hold on because I’m going to share some other website. But this one if you’re good at flirting and you can flirt online.

5. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks is the website where you can make money texting while you’re flirting with others now you can earn about 40 cents per minute.

You need to do to Sign up is to visit their website complete an application. You’ll of course be required to submit a valid ID and you’re going have to sign a contract and you actually get paid via Paypal again. If you commit 40 hours to flirting which isn’t that bad. Is it, you can make 960 US dollars in a week.

6. ChatOperatorJobs

ChatOperatorJobs jobs is the next website that you can make money online simply it by texting you will earn about 20 cents per message which means that for a 40 hour work week. You can make about 480 US dollars.

You will have to sign up. Visit their website you fill out the application form. You’ll be required to complete a test before you can start working.

Payment Method

You’ll get paid via Paypal Bank transfers or you can get a check.

7. PhRendly

PhRendly is the next website where you can make good money simply chatting.

Friendly is actually a social media Network app that allows you to earn money by chatting to other users.

The app actually operates on what’s referred to as a virtual currency system where users purchase credits and then use those credits to chat with other users you can earn about 35 cents per minute on friendly. So for 440 hours per week you have the potential to make up to 840 US dollars in that one week for friendly.

Payment Method

You get paid via PayPal or a direct deposit to your actual bank account.

8. WorkingSolutions

Working Solutions is a website that actually offers a number of different work from home opportunities which include texting of course chatting and email support role that you can do from the Comforts of your home working online Working Solutions. Pay their contractors on a per minute or a per call basis rather than an hourly rate so basically rock stars this means that what you earn is really dependent on how many hours you want to contribute the pay rate typically ranges anywhere from about 20 cents to 30 cents per minute which translates to anywhere from twelve dollars to eighteen dollars per hour of course depending on the call volume the chat volume or whatever.

It is that you are doing to earn this money so again for a 40 hour work week. You can make about 600 US Dollars. You will have to Sign up. All you have to do is to visit their platform. You will be required to complete a test before you start working and you’ll get paid via direct deposit or via check. If that’s your preference.

9. Needle

You will provide chat Support Services to various clients as you make money online working from the Comforts of your home. Now they will pay you via PayPal or a check. You will have to sign up. You just visit their website complete the application form. You’re going to be also required to complete a test and to pass it. Not a difficult test and you can get started working on your 400 to 800 US dollars per week depending on how much time you want to commit to this side Hustle foreign.

Note :- This article is written with sincerely but work according to your thinking.

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