Make US$150 Per Day Typing Names Online Worldwide

We can make US$150 a day typing names and while initially I thought this is too good to be true or it’s a scam. I was reminded by a very popular saying that has actually become one of my favorite things to say and it’s that the rich get richer because the poor thinks every opportunity is a scam. And I have been accused in the comments of sharing content that is too good to be true even when I share the actual evidence of people making this money that’s public knowledge by the way doing exactly what it is that.

When the evidence of earnings is public for everyone to see are persons who themselves know that they’re incapable of doing what it’s going to require for them to achieve success doing what I’m sharing or persons with insecurities. Because we live in a world with a lot of trickery a lot of scamming and a lot of persons just trying to get ahead by taking advantage of individuals and it’s okay to feel that way whether.

It’s having insecurities or otherwise because we have all been there but I’m a little bit more optimistic when it comes to seeing things online. Because I have proven in my own life with my own experiences that every single thing in this world is impossible until it is done. So we are going to explore making $150 per day typing names online.

Now the proposition is very simple but it’s also lucrative type names and earn money pretty simple and to the point right now according to the breakdown. You can earn $20 by typing just a few names. But if you were to ramp that up to five pages filled with names then you could potentially earn $100. And if you were to take it to another level and complete 20 Page Pages daily type in names that is you could amass anywhere from 400 to $600 in a day.

Now the first thing I thought when I heard that was let’s take the middle of that which is $500 a day $500 a day times 30 days in a well $500 a day times 25 days in a month because we have to take a few days off is $12,500 and that got me even more excited because $12,500 a month can retire many persons out there that also got my interest peaked even further is that the earnings are uncapped.


It is recommended that we sign up on a website called TalentDesire. It offers or it really is a portal where you can get a vast number of work from home job opportunities and it does appear that all of them can be done from multiple locations across the globe but immediately when I landed on the homepage I realized one thing.

I was seeing a lot of ads because the website is heavily load with Google ads as you can see here and that raised my eyebrow to an extent or I should say eyebrows to an extent regarding the credibility of the website. But being the eternal optimist that I am still decided that my team and I should test this.

I also noticed that on the website there were other jobs that were being offered like proof, reading, freelance, blogging, language, translation, online teaching jobs, online paid surveys, and notably online typing jobs which is why we were there right so in this article we’re going to focus obviously on the online typing jobs. Because they seem pretty simple and beginner friendly.

Now the website claims that the online typing jobs can yield an income per year of anywhere from $133,000 to $27,000 and then the math wasn’t math in again because I thought if I can type and make $500 per day at the median Point as was shared earlier by the end of the year let’s say again I do 25 days in a month my income should be $150,000 and if people could really make this money more people would be leaving corporate to type names and earn.

But then I thought okay they’re talking generally and they’re referring to all typing jobs not necessarily the ones where you type names. I was just fooling myself for the moment but play along with me. I’m going to be the eternal optimist here. These positions are available to applicants that are across the globe to apply for these jobs as a prospect you’re going to be directed to and this is where you’ll be able to take a free TypingTest where they will assess the speed of your typing and also the accuracy.

And here’s the thing that website will issue you a certificate so I’m thinking there’s absolutely no way someone would go this far create a calculator for you to estimate your earnings have you do a type in test and here’s the thing you are getting an actual certificate of completion when you’re done with that test the certificate is essential because it will help to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills that they’re looking for which will obviously make you more marketable and open more doors for you to get higher paying opportunities is what I understood from the explanation now with the certificate in hand. It was time to go back to

And start applying for jobs the application process I found to be pretty straightforward and to start you need to just navigate to the bottom of and on the page at the bottom. You’ll see the “Apply Now Button” just click on it when you get to the application page just choose the type of application you want to fill out and then click on the red link provided. You’ll be directed to an online application for remote jobs and this is where you’re going to f that application form with information like your “first name” your “last name” your “email” and your “phone number” and at this juncture I thought to myself.

Am I giving them information that they can use to scam me but then coming from an industry where I’ve worked all my life that was highly sensitive from a security perspective considering that most of our clientele were Fortune 500 us companies. I’ve come to realize that sharing “first name” “last name” “email” and “phone number” on the internet is not dangerous and without your help you should not or cannot be scammed.

There are actual typing jobs out there that are legitimate with legitimate organizations that pay more than $150 a day or some that pay $80 per day the point I’m trying to make is that it is indeed possible I’ve also coached persons who use platforms that involve them typing whether data entry or otherwise and make $150 a day. I’m going to make up for it by giving you six legitimate websites where you can actually type and make up to $150 a day.

So I hope you forgive me for wasting your time but I’m going to try to make up for it with these six legitimate websites and some of them always seem to be hiring and some of them. You may have to wait and some of them you’ll never hear from. But they’re going to indicate that they have received your application at least and when you do your checks you’re going to realize that they are legitimate.

Trusted Platforms


They’re actually known for some of the best transcription rates that are out there in the industry. What is transcription or transcribing basically you’re either listening to something or you’re watching a video with both Visual and audio and you’re typing out what is being said which is what’s referred to as transcribing and there’s an entire industry out there with several companies that offer this.

But I’m also going to share data entry opportunities that’s different somewhat from transcribing later on as well with you’re going to earn anywhere from 15 to $22 per audio hour. It is said that top transcribers on this platform can make up to $2,200 a month and on TranscribeMe. What you will be transcribing are short audio clips such as business meetings academic lectures and medical consultations.


This platform also provides transcription jobs that pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per audio hour Scribie also incentivizes workers with a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours worked Scribie. However is not just about the typing which is one of the reasons, I like it, so you don’t have to be a fast typer because they actually offer an automated transcription tool to convert the speech to text and then all you’ll have to do is to look at the text and review it to make sure it’s accurate. So it’s much easier than some of the other transcription platforms out there.


BabbleType is the next platform on the list where you can type and make money and their specialty is in transcription Services as well and they’re known to pay about 40 cents per audio minute the job involves typing obviously the spoken word from audio files. But you must commit to working at least 4 days a week and offer some amount of flexibility to qualify for this particular company or website the next platform on the list where you can make upwards of $150 per day.


They cater mainly to legal and law enforcement transcription and they’re going to require however for you to be able to type at a speed of 65 words per minute with a 90% level of accuracy now. While they don’t explicitly list and advertise how much you can make because of what’s required from a type in speed and accuracy perspective and also due to the specialized nature of this particular work. It is said that they pay some of the best rates out there in the industry as a transcriber for SpeakWrite.

You will handle a variety of documents that will require very quick turnaround time especially in the legal and law enforcement sectors.


This one is well known I’ve shared it here before but it’s very popular in the transcription industry and also very reputable rev offers jobs in transcription captioning and creating foreign subtitles the pay per task does vary obviously depending on what you’re doing but transcriptionists will earn anywhere from 30 cents to A10 per audio or video minute.

Captioner will earn between 54 Cent and A110 and those who are handling foreign subtitles will earn anywhere from $150 to $3 per audio or video minute. Now let me explain what these different services are for transcript diction as an example, you’re going to be converting audio or video files to text and this will include things like lectures, interviews, and webinars as a captioner or when you’re doing captioning. You’re writing captions for videos which may involve precise timing of the text to match the video content so as an example, a captioner can watch a movie and type out what the different characters or actors in the movie what they’re saying.

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